SightLine Development Company

Cutting Edge Therapies for Patients. An Innovative Revenue Opportunity for Physicians.

As operational costs continue to rise and reimbursement continues to decline, physicians must find new ways to stay successful. At the same time, patients are seeking increasingly specialized care, creating a significant market for advanced treatment alternatives.

The logical move is to bring new medical technologies to your market. As a pioneer of cutting-edge therapies in your community, you provide expanded treatment options for patients while realizing associated revenues.

SightLine Health offers physicians a unique opportunity to partner with us to build medical facilities that provide advanced treatment options, and offer them to patients―legally, ethically, profitably―and without the obstacles presented by traditional joint venture/partnership models.

The Value of a SightLine Partnership

Both you and your patients benefit from a partnership with SightLine:

  • no disruption to your practice or patient care.
  • turnkey operation with access to high-cost equipment and established economies of scale.
  • a center built to accommodate the working needs of its referring physicians and their patients.
  • best demonstrated practices for operations and patient care shared among centers throughout the nationwide SightLine network.

Why SightLine Health Is Your Business Partner of Choice

When it comes to your practice and your patients, you want a business partner you can trust:

  • a partner who can leverage their experience, contact network and advisors to build a successful, nationwide network of physician-owned, patient-focused facilities.
  • a partner with a successful track record and physician references to back it up.
  • a partner with a keen eye on the horizon, continually seeking new opportunities to provide advanced patient care.

What Our Existing Partners Have to Say

“My patients love receiving care at SightLine managed Cancer Centers. The staff is professional and accommodating and they know both me and my patients by name. For my patients with cancer, the Cancer Navigator is an invaluable resource.”
Brian J. Miles, MD

“I am proud to be affiliated with SightLine. They presented me with the best investment opportunity I’ve seen in my professional career and followed through on every commitment. This is a top-notch organization and my returns have far exceeded my expectations.”
Scott S. Spore, MD

“SightLine allows me to provide my patients with cutting-edge technology in a small, comfortable environment – something I can’t give them in the large teaching hospital where I practice.”
Denise R. Nebgen, MD, PhD

“I am greatly impressed by the clinical excellence SightLine delivers. The quality of the equipment and the caliber of radiation oncologists are unparalleled, and they’ve budgeted the necessary resources to continually bring new and advanced clinical technologies to our centers.”
Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH